Falafel Wrap and Drink Combo $14

#Falafel Wrap $12

Falafel, hummus, lettuce, tomato, mint, cucumber, tahini sauce, pickles

#Falafel Plate $16

Falafel, hummus, tomato, cucumber, pickles, onion, sumac, pita bread, tahini sauce/ add baba ghanoush extra $2 / falafel $1

#Fatteh $13

Bowl of chickpeas, crunchy bread, topped with tahini and yoghurt sauce, finished with parsley and roasted nuts (Add eggplant or meat $2)

#Foul Madammas $13

Bowl of chickpeas, lemon, yoghurt and tahini sauce, parsley, topped with olive oil. Served with pickles and bread

#Just Foul Snack $6

Cumin, salt and lemon

#Ultimate Veggie Pack $18

Falafel, eggplant, pickles, tahini sauce, chips, salad, hummus, onion sumat, pita bread

#Triple [F] Pack $30

Fatteh, Foul Madammas, Falafel and Dip combo

#Dips Delight $12

Humus, baba ghanoush, beetroot

#Family Pack ($80)

20 Falafel
Pita Bread
Baba Ghanoush
2 Salads of Choice
4 Drinks
4 Desserts

#Couples Catch ($40)

(For The Lovers)
10 Falafel
Pita Bread
Baba Ghanoush
Salad of Choice
2 Drinks
2 Dessert


Side of Chips $11


Hummus S: $5 / L: $8
Baba Ghanoush S: $6 / L: $9
Beetroot S: $6 / L: $9